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Jan, 2024


** APPROVED 2/12/2024 **

Monthly Board Meeting Agenda
Date:  January 8, 2024  
Call to Order: 6:32PM
Meeting Adjourned: 8:01PM


Present: Jessica Thrift, Emily Davis, Katie Albright, Cynthia Krawtschenko, Morgan Vega, Ryan Ehrlich, Brian Alverez, Alexis Moyet, Danielle Ehrlich, Kevin Justice, Micharl Krawtschenko, Veronica Munoz, Laura Sevco, Brandon Hoffman, Lacey Bowman, Katie Mireles

Absent: Joseph Castillo, Alma Pureco, Eunice Pelayo

Approval of Minutes (December)
1st motion to approve-
2nd motion to approve-
Members Voted-
*Need to be updated Tommy Perfect did not resign. Jessica will be checking to see if
Kristie can update and resend.
*Will table these until updates are made and resent. Will approve December minutes in
February meeting

Public comment: (Open)
Presidents Report:
-group to review and determine if anything needs to be changed / amended.
Jessica to resend
-Need to push registrations in community Feb 2 nd is the last day for registrations
-Score needs 13 days to have uniforms made and delivered
-Other options for yard signs / stands – pick up after meeting
-Intra tryouts – 2 nd week of February
*Update on board transition
-Nothing was received on the RSL information from the outgoing board
-New Email was created as a base and is a generic email so next board will be able
to update as needed
-Concern of outgoing board still having access to the accounts for RSL
-Created refund and reimbursement links in the new email as well as the
scholarship form
-Treasurer items have been updated for bank accounts and cards have been
-Future plan would be to update the email address so they are not tied to
personal email address
* RMWD Update
-Tuesday 6:00pm RMWD Board meeting – if you want to attend feel free.
-New rules for the fields – payment, lights, etc and rebels will be using over the
next few weeks while there’s are under maintenance. Jessica will be meeting to
discuss what the updates are.

Vice Presidents Report:
*Opening ceremony committee (Open) – March 16 th
-Beginning of each season – in the past parade of teams, announced by a DJ and
they run down the field, charged folks $15 for a wristband, the biggest fundraiser
is the raffle tickets for the baskets
-Volunteers: Danielle E
-Time: 3-5pm (good with that time) – BOD would need to help from 2-6pm
-Food Vendors – pizza, tacos, etc
-Email to go out from Emily
*Spring game schedules (times)
-First game at 12pm and the last game at 5pm
-Trying to get a 15 min break between games
-Uniforms are ordered the day after the last skill assessment (Feb 23)
-RSL signed a 2 yr contract with Score – in it through 2025
-Emily will send out options to the group to vote on uniforms
-Changed the locks for the snack bar
-Ramona Locksmith might be able to help changing the lock on the main building
– Katie Mirales to check with the locksmith and see if they can support.
-Sea Containers – will be purchasing new locks and will replace all
*Soccer Assessments – Feb 20 th (D1-3), Feb 21 st (D4), Feb 22 (D5)

-Will be a draft and instructions to come
-Time 5:30/6:30PM
Registrar Report: Morgan
*Current registrations
-153 registrations to date – issue with girl division 8 on the form so missing
registrations for anyone that tried
-If we have low numbers for Div 5 and 6, might need to make the teams co-ed.
-Email sent out to email addresses that still have registration pending in their
cart (last sent Jan 7 th )
*Sibling discounts
-Need to review how we handle these as there are many that are being submitted
and current process is cumbersome
*Last day for registrations
-Hard stop on Feb 22 nd
-There is a fee for late registrations and depending on the team structures, it
might not be an option based on already registered team numbers
*Scholarship requests
-New link was submitted and there are 4 pending
-Will be reviewed at the next board meeting
-Dicks sporting goods – will also sponsor kids
-Gear swaps the days of assessments – need to pick a date – should be handled
by Dir of Coaches
Treasurer Report: Cynthia
-Report reviewed
-Not a smooth transition. Things are missing or not accounted for. No support
from previous treasurer. Cynthia cannot reconcile the account – we do not have
invoices for ref fees ($8K) and these were paid out in cash. ATM withdrawals and
no receipts. Missing invoices for Izzys for $855 charge (Dec 2), approximately
$1300 in checks that have not been cashed.
-We are a nonprofit organization so any money going out needs to be accounted
-See outgoing treasurers email to Cynthia (Attachment to the minutes)
-Tax information – we may lose the tax exemption status. The taxes have not
been filed for 2023. Note from Tommy Perfect was - check with Karen as she
filed an extension.
-Motion to research a CPA to do our taxes - $750 retainer and then $500 fee for
each year to go back
1 st approve: Emily Davis
2 nd approve: Ryan Ehrlich
-Lacey – Tommy mentioned that we filed and are caught up
-$4K grant for nets, goals and fence repair – have until January of 2025 to utilize
those funds
-INTRA: Lacey
*Reached out to Nicole and Tommy – Hugo is the point of contact

Secretary Report: Katie
*Access the email addresses and the mailbox was received on Thursday prior so still
working through emails.

Director of Referees Report: Ryan
*Reached out to Nicole Koop and received no response or any information on the ref
points of contact or process.
*Change of positions
Alexis would like to become Dir of Ref
Ryan would like to take over the Dir of Fields
Kevin Justice – made the motion to vote to swap these two positions
Second – Mike K
Vote - All in favor – 15, All opposed – 0
Approve the switch of Director of Referees and the Director Fields going forward.

Director of Coaches Report: Brian
-Code of conduct was not upheld by coaches with rough play on the field – this needs to
be addressed in the coaches meeting
-Determine the day for the coaches meeting
-Toxic coaches – what is the standard of a coach returning – look at adding a piece to the
Director of Field Maintenance: Alexis
Director of PR/Fundraising Report: Danielle
-Working on a form for sponsors/vendors
-Flyers went out to all schools
-Reaching out to Ramona HS for a banner
-As a nonprofit we are eligible or a canva account – looking into how we can set that up
Director of Adult Soccer Report: Kevin
-goal to recruit players through flyers, social media, advertising outside of stater
-coed – would start 2 weeks after regular rec season
-if we cannot get the registration then we will not have a spring soccer league
Division Representatives:
1- Joseph
4- Alma – Will not be available for the meetings due to her schooling, cannot miss more
than two board meetings
5- Michael – Starting a committee to review and update the bylaws.
6- Veronica
7- Laura
8- Eunice
Director of Intra report: Brandon
*Status of election for Intra Treasurer due to Tie
-Ryan made a motion to make Katie Secretary of Intra
1 st : Michael K
2 nd : Katie Albright
Approved for the addition of a board position for Katie Mireles to be the Intra secretary
Additional Comments (Open to all board members)
-Review the by laws and determine changes / updates needed
-Each position will create a SOP for each position

-Due to the lack of turnover and other issues with previous board members it was
suggested to review the bylaws and determine if anything needs to be added regarding eligibility
for previous board members.
Next RSL Board Meeting February 12 6:30pm at the Senior Center

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