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Dec, 2023

Current RSL By Laws

Amended as of November 2021
As members of CYSA-South, we understand and accept that this affiliation implies our consent to abide by
the Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations of CYSA-South and the U.S. Soccer Federation
(USSF), and all directives of the governing boards of these bodies.
A. Membership shall be open to all interested individuals and be classified as a Regular Member or
Voting Member.
a. Regular Member - Any registered player with the Ramona Soccer
i. A Regular Member has no vote.
ii. A youth becomes a registered player within the Ramona Soccer League by payment of a
fee (as determined by the board) and with verification of age, generally during a
registration period.

b. Voting Member - Any parent/guardian of a Regular Member or any coach (who remains in
good standing, as pertaining to the Coaches Agreement) with the Ramona Soccer League.
i. Only voting members or direct relatives of regular members are eligible to hold
Board positions.
ii. Eligibility is based on active registration at any time during the past two seasons of

B. Organized teams living outside the boundary area of the Ramona Unified School District must have
Board approval to register in the Ramona SoccerLeague.
C. No team may have more than 1/3 non-residents without Board approval. A resident shall be defined
as anyone living within the boundaries of the Ramona Unified SchoolDistrict.
D. Intra teams shall be financially self-supporting. Each team player will pay a fee set by the Board to
pay for field maintenance, lights, pictures, etc.
A. It is the responsibility of the Board to establish policy and maintain consistency. Board Members
are required to attend monthly board meetings.
a. It is the responsibility of every Board Member to notify the President or Secretary if they are
not going to attend a board meeting, prior to the meeting or as soon as practical.
b. Having missed a meeting and in order to remain informed , it is the Board Members
responsibility to obtain the minutes, draft or final (if available), of the missed meeting
prior to attending the next scheduled board meeting.
c. Any Board Member missing two consecutive monthly meetings without being excused
shall be asked to resign their position on the Board. Should the resignation not be given by
the third consecutive monthly meeting, the Board Member may be removed by a two
thirds vote of the Board ofDirectors.

B. All coaches (Recreational & Intra) will be required to attend meetings as scheduled by the Director
of Coaches and Director of Competitive.
C. Most business of the Ramona Soccer League may be conducted in an informal manner; strict
parliamentary procedure generally need not be followed at meetings. However, if desired by the
majority of members present at any meeting, Robert’s Rules of Order (most recent version) shall
govern where applicable and where not inconsistent with these Bylaws.
D. Annual elections shall be held at the December meeting of the Board ofDirectors (all current
voting members are eligible to vote). Responsibilities are to take effect immediately. E. During
the month of January, a Budget Committee, consisting of at least three (3) Board Members and
chaired by the Treasurer, will meet to establish an annual operating budget. The proposed budget
will be presented for discussion and approval no later than the March meeting.
F. The Trial Board will be comprised of and limited to the following Board Members: President, Vice
President, Director of INTRA FC, Secretary, Director of Coaches,Director of Referees, and the
Division Rep of the party involved. The Trial Board will adhere to the CYSA manual on protests
and appeals, a copy of which will be made available on request. Results of a Trial Board will be
presented to the Board of Directorsimmediately.
G. An independent audit or accounting review of the Recreational & Intra accounts may be completed
on an annual basis by March 1st.
A. The Board of Directors, (the Board or BOD) of the Ramona Soccer League (RSL), shall constitute
the governing body of the RSL. The BOD shall be responsible for organizing the League and
managing the affairs of the RSL, according to these Bylaws. If occasions arise that are not fully
covered by these rules the RSL Board has absolute power to decide such cases.
B. The Board shall be comprised of members of the recreational branch of the League,with the
exception of Director of INTRA FC and Intra Treasurer. Director of Intra and INTRA FC Treasurer
must be held by members of Intra.
a. President
b. Vice President
c. Director of Intra FC
d. Secretary
e. Treasurer
f. Intra FC Treasurer
g. Registrar
h. Director of Coaches
i. Director of Referees
j. Director of Public Relations / RPRA Rep
k. Director of Field Maintenance
l. Division Representatives (1-3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
C. The term of office shall expire at the December elections, beginning immediately at the time of
election. The retiring Treasurers will have 30 days to bring the books todate.
D. The President shall call the Board meeting at least once per month, unless contact between the
President and other Board Members indicate an additional meeting is necessary. A quorum of at least
six is required to constitute a Board Meeting. If the President is not available to run a meeting, then
the Vice President shall do so. If the President and Vice President are unavailable, then the Secretary
will chair the meeting.If all of the Board members listed above are unavailable, then no official
meeting may be held.

E. The Trial Board shall meet and decide all protested games, red cards and any other grievances after
hearing testimony from the referee, coaches, and other interested parties as prescribed by the current
CYSA guidelines for trial boards. The decision of the trial board shall be final and its deliberations
regarded as confidential. (SeeArticle II-F) The results of a trial board shall be presented to the Board
of Directors (BOD) immediately.
F. Board decisions shall be determined by a majority of the Board Members present.The President's
or Acting President's (Chair of Board meeting) vote will not be included where a majority vote is
established, but will be included only to break ties.
G. Any RSL Board Member may be removed after a motion of dismissal is properly agendized,
presented and seconded, and is approved by a two-thirds vote of those present
H. The RSL Board shall maintain adequate and correct accounts, books and records of its
business and properties. All of the books, records and accounts shall be kept in a safe place as
determined by the BOD.
a. Financial records shall be made available in accordance with disclosure requirements of
California state and federal law.
b. All checks, drafts, notes, bank accounts, money payments and evidence of indebtedness
issued in the name of RSL shall be signed or endorsed by such person or persons and in
such manner as provided for in theseBylaws.
c. The BOD shall prepare an Annual Report of Statement and present it to the membership.
Usually this is accomplished by publishing a financial statement on the League website.
d. The BOD shall file applicable tax reporting as required by law for a non-profit

A. President - The President shall have the ultimate responsibility and authority to conduct the business of
the organization within the framework of these By-Laws and theLeague's Constitution. He/She shall act
as chairperson at all Board of Directors andGeneral meetings. He/she shall oversee all volunteers and
appoint special committees that the Board of Directors deem necessary to carry out the function of the
League. He/She shall be the Liaison person with the governing body (CYSA-S). He/She shall have the
power to make purchases on behalf of, incur indebtedness for, or otherwise obligate the league up to a
maximum amount of $400.00. These purchases must be approved at the next board meeting and must
be accompanied by a check request or a receipt. It is recognized that this maximum amount shall be
consistent with the total financial picture of the League with additional incorporation of the approved
budget and actual income. He/She shall be one of the signers on any League bank accounts.
B. Vice President - Shall act as President in the President's absence. The Vice President, with support from
the Director of Fields, shall be responsible for supervising the preparation of the league practice and
playing schedule for the entire season. Such schedules shall be subject to approval of the BOD. He/She
will keep official scorebooks and place notice of all team standings on the official League website.
He/She will work with the President and Public Relations Director regarding all media releases made by
any branch of the League. He/She will chair any Trial Boards. He/She shall also be responsible for the
end of the season awards. He/She shall co-chair a committee tasked with producing the League's
schedule to be published on the League’s website He/She may be one of the signers on any League
bank accounts.
Outline of Vice President Responsibilities:
a. All uniform orders must be placed by the Vice President. Uniform order information will be
submitted to the Vice President via each Division Representative.

b. Coordination of opening day ceremonies (Raffle, Vendors, Sound Equipment, etc.) c.
Coordination of picture day
c. Coordination of post-season awards and events.
d. Coordination of other major fundraising function if necessary (i.e., candy sales).
C. Secretary - The Secretary shall chair a meeting of the BOD in the absence of both the President and the
Vice President. The Secretary will be responsible for the preparation and distribution of all meeting
minutes. Meeting minutes will be available 14 days post BOD meeting. He/She will keep files on all
incoming and outgoing correspondence. He/She will assist the President in handling correspondence
and follow-up of assigned duties and agendas of other Board members. He/She may have access to the
League post office box and is responsible for distribution of mail to individuals on the BOD.
D. Director of Intra FC: The Director of Intra FC shall chair any meetings of the Intra committee. He/She
shall be responsible for submitting Intra FC field schedule requests to the Vice President, Director of
Fields. Such schedule shall be subject for approval of the BOD. He/She shall chair any Intra Trial
Boards. He/She shall chair any Intra committee meetings. He/She shall be responsible for attending
meetings of the Governing League (i.e., Presidio) and the filing of documents with that organization.
E. Treasurer - The Treasurer shall keep an accurate account of all financial transactions authorized by the
BOD and/or the President. He/She shall ensure prompt payment of all invoices/bills presented to the
League and approved for payment by the BOD. He/She shall provide a Treasurer's report at each BOD,
General and Coaches meeting and be prepared to display the financial records at said meetings. He/She
shall chair the Budget Committee. He/She shall ensure compliance with reimbursement procedures and
proper cash handling procedures for all events where cash transactions are present. He/She shall
promptly make deposits of received monies in an accredited banking institution. All disbursements
should be made by check. No petty cash shall be allowed. At no time shall the Treasurer and Secretary
both sign the same check. All League financial records shall be kept current using accounting software
purchased by the League (i.e., QuickBooks) and shall be provided to a professional for tax preparation
as required.
F. Intra FC Treasurer - The Intra Treasurer shall keep accurate records of all Intra team accounts.
Individual team account balances will be presented at each meeting of the BOD and included in the
minutes from each meeting. All accounts must hold a $200 minimum balance. He/She shall ensure
compliance with Reimbursement procedures and proper cash handling procedures for all events where
cash transactions are present. He/She shall promptly deposit any received money to the League owned
bank account and obtain a receipt. He/She shall be prepared to display the financial transaction records
of the Intra branch and any individual team accounts at meetings of the BOD, Intra committee, or upon
request by any member.
G. Registrar - The Registrar shall maintain an accurate roster of all teams in the League. Such rosters shall
be the official League records for coaches, administrators and players for addresses and phone
numbers. Primary focus consists of all activities regarding players. He/She shall be thoroughly familiar
with registration procedures and roles of the governing body (CYSA-S), including validation
requirements (i.e., copy of Birth Certificates) for the League, and complete CYSA registration in a
timely manner. He/She shall organize dates for player registrations and provide the Treasurer with an
accurate accounting of monies received. He/She shall oversee hardship requests to be placed in writing
for presentation to the BOD. (Discussions of hardship and BOD decisions will be kept confidential.)
He/She shall oversee the team draw or draft with the help of the Division Representative. He/She shall
be responsible for printing of all player cards and administration cards, including All Stars.
H. Director of Referees - The Director of Referees deals with all referee issues and contacts with the
Referee Association. He/She shall ensure that referees are available for scheduled games and will
inform all parties involved when scheduled referee coverage is unavailable. He/She shall keep the
League aware of rule changes and changes within the Referee Association. He/She shall maintain a
chronological record of yellow and red cards issued during the course of the regular season by team

and individual, and notify all parties involved when action is warranted by the BOD. He/She is
responsible for disbursement of all monies needed for the Referee payments. He/She shall inform the
Referee Assignor of rules specific to RSL.
I. Director of Public Relations / RPRA Representative - He/She shall be responsible for the promotional
activities of the League. He/She will be responsible for coordinating all media releases and
communications, with the support of the President and Vice President. He/he will co-chair opening day
ceremonies and any major fundraising functions with VP. He/She will coordinate each sponsorship
drive and other public contact duties as required. RPRA - The Ramona Parks and Recreation
Association (RPRA) representative shall attend monthly meetings of the RPRA and keep the BOD
informed of all issues.
J. Division Representatives - Will ensure that all teams in their respective divisions have an official coach
and team parent. They shall represent their division’s coaches and bring forth to the BOD all items that
may need clarification, disciplinary action or simple discussion. A Division Rep may not be an active
coach in their respective divisions. They will be the focal point for all parties involved when a grievance
is presented. A Division Rep will notify all parties of protest procedures. They shall assist with
registration. He/She shall assist with the team draw or draft. They shall ensure that coaches and team
parents know their duties and provide them guidance in completing assigned responsibilities.
Division Representatives will assist the Vice President with the following duties:
a. The Division Rep will gather uniform information from each Coach and submit it for order
placement with the Vice President.
b. Assist with coordination of opening day ceremonies (i.e., Jog-a-thon, Raffle. etc.) c. Assist with
coordination of picture day.
c. Assist with coordination of post-season awards and events.
d. Assist with coordination of other major fundraising functions, if necessary (i.e., candy sales).
K. Director of Coaches - The Director of Coaches (DOC) will assist in the development of continuity and
consistency in coaching styles between recreational teams. He/She will develop and hold coaches
clinics, as well as oversee completion of Risk Management and all Cal South requirements of all
coaches, assistant coaches and team managers. The DOC may assist coaches during weekly practice.
He/She will attend monthly BOD meetings and report the progress of the coaches and any areas of
concern. The DOC will be responsible for notifying all Coaches in the appropriate Division, and the
Division Representative immediately when a Red Card is issued in that particular Division. The DOC
will establish a liaison with the League's Director of Referees and establish Red Cross CPR & First Aid
classes. The DOC must establish a "Point of Contact" with the local legal authorities (Police and
Sheriff). Normally such contact can be made by the department's community affairs section.The DOC
will schedule meetings as per Article II, paragraphB.
L. Director of Fields - He/She shall oversee all decisions regarding field conditions and property
maintenance. Assist the Vice President with establishing practice and game schedules. He/She shall
determine when field closures are necessary. He/She will submit a budget of field supplies and
equipment needs to the Treasurer annually, or more often as needed.
A. Each committee shall provide an estimate of expenses by the first budget meeting in January of each
year with the budget due by the BOD meeting in March.
B. Each fundraising chairperson and co-chair will provide an estimate of expenses prior to the
activity/event they are undertaking. At the conclusion of that activity/event, the chairperson and the
co-chair shall provide the Treasurer with an overall statement of monies earned and spent. The
Treasurer shall check said statement and verify the statement for accuracy.
C. During registration, it will be the responsibility of any board member present to provide a parent with

a receipt for registration fees received (in cash). At the conclusion of registration for that day, the
Board members present will verify monies received. All funds will be deposited by the Treasurer.
D. Refund policy is as follows:
a. There is a $25 processing fee deducted from all refunds. Registration fees are based on a
variety of costs and expenses incurred by the league. Because many of these costs must be
paid in advance, player withdrawals still result in a cost to Ramona Soccer League.
b. Ramona Soccer League recognizes that, from time to time, players may need to withdraw
from a sport due to unforeseen circumstances.
c. All requests for refunds must be made in writing to [email protected] or PO
Box 463, Ramona, CA 92065. Refunds will be considered in accordance with the following
i. Before Team Rosters: 100% (minus $25 processing fee)
ii. After Team Rosters: 50% (minus $25 processing fee)
iii. After Season Begins (Opening Day): No Refund

E. All teams will surrender any funds to the appropriate Account Manager to be kept in a learn account.
Teams will not keep a "slush" fund.
F. All monies received, through Ramona Soccer league and/or Intra FC, become property of the Ramona
Soccer league.
A. Recreational coaches and assistant coaches shall be selected from a list comprised of those
parties who have indicated a desire to coach. The BOD shall have final approval of all
recreational coaches and assistant coaches.
B. Coaches are responsible for their players and the teams conduct. Coaches are also responsible
for their teams parents and spectators' conduct before, during, and after games and practices.
C. No two recreational teams may coach from the same side of the field. Home team will have
selection of sideline. It is the responsibility of the Coach (es) with the first home game of the
day to mark the field lines, put corner flags out, and put out pop-up goals, if needed. It is the
responsibility of the Coach (es) with the last home game of the day to put all equipment away
and properly secured.
D. When conditions exist within a team that reflect poor management/sportsmanship, which is not
in accordance with these Bylaws and /or not in the best interest of soccer, the RSL Board shall
have the power to relieve the team official(s) involved and/or to revoke their membership in
the Ramona Soccer League.
E. Names and resumes of all Intra coaches must be submitted to the Director of INTRA FC for
approval to coach in the RSL. A committee consisting of the Director of Intra FC, Intra FC
Treasurer, Director of Coaches, and RSL President will interview all applicants. The selection
process should begin no later than December 15th for younger teams and February 1st for
older teams.
F. Intra traveling teams shall field one team per age division. A second team may be formed if the
first team has full roster. Teams should be placed in different skill bracket, if the teams are
new competitive teams they may play within the same skill bracket but different region (ex.
Central, North or South). The quality of remaining recreational teams should always be
considered in this decision.
G. All Intra players must have a signed contract before being registered on an INTRA team.

A. In the event a parent, guardian, player, coach or any other person concerned individual has a complaint
to register against a coach, assistant coach, team parent, Board Member or other RSL Official, the
parties having the complaint will first bring his/her complaint to the attention of his/her child's coach,
who in turn should do his/her best to resolve the problem or grievance. If he/she is unable or
unwilling to resolve the situation, then the complaining party shall notify the Director of Coaches and
the Division Representative in writing. At no time shall a player, parent or guardian contact the RSL
Board directly before he/she has attempted to resolve the problem at the coaches level or directly with
the party involved. Only written complaints, including email, will be acted upon by the RSLBOD.
B. The threatening or striking of a coach, an RSL Official, a referee and/or a Board Member will be
subject to disciplinary action by the RSL Board or the Trial Board or Special Board meeting as may
be called. All individuals reserve the right to contact law authorities.
C. Protests of games shall be presented in writing to the RSL Board within twenty-four (24) hours of the
game in question. A filing fee of twenty-five dollars ($25) will accompany the protest. If the protest is
upheld, the filing fee will be returned to the protestor otherwise, the filing fee will be credited to the
RSL treasury.
D. Disciplinary and special problems concerning team members will be handled in the following ways:
a. Coach to contact parent and try to resolve
b. Coach to contact Director of Coaches and the Division Rep and try to resolve
c. Director of Coaches and the Division Rep talks to the Board
d. Board makes the final decision
A. These Bylaws may be amended by two-thirds vote of the members present at a meeting that has
been properly announced, only if such amendments have been presented in writing, to the Board
and read to the members at a previous meeting.
B. Any amendments passed shall be put in the Bylaws, typed-up and given to any member upon
request within 30 days.

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